How to duet on TikTok? Update 2022

News 27 Dec 2021

TikTok is one of the fastest growing video sharing social media platforms that has come along by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is the latest social media app to take off and capture the attention of the youth and the teenagers across the world. One of the appealing factors of the app is the democratic platform that it provides to content creators around the world. Anyone with a smartphone can create and upload different types of videos on the app.

There are several fascinating features and functionalities that are embedded within the app. For instance TikTok provides the option of editing videos, adding filters and transition effects plus the option of making duet videos. The duet feature is extremely popular amongst the content creators on the app as it allows the creators to film a video side-by-side to another video which is already up there on the app.

There are several fun ideas and concepts that you can use with the duet feature on TikTok. For instance you can use the duet option for creating a video where you react to someone else's video, or comedy content with your friends or show different perspectives for the same subject matter. You can also duet with the videos of your favorite artists and sometimes even with your own videos. The possibilities are endless and thus the duet feature is widely used by different content creators across the board.

How to create duet videos on TikTok?

If you want to go viral on the TikTok app then you would probably need to be featured on "For You Page" on the app. For the uninitiated, the FYP or the "For You Page" is essentially a collection of usually viral videos that the algorithm of the app thinks would be suitable for the users based on their activities on the app. One of the ways in which you can go viral on TikTok is by creating a duet video with those videos that have already gone viral. So if you are thinking of creating a duet then these are the steps that you must follow.

If you want to create a duet with a video then that specific video should have duet settings enabled in their privacy settings. Everyone has the option of turning on the duet settings for everyone, only their friends or turning off the setting completely. Now if you want to create a duet video first and foremost you should open the app then find the video with which you want to duet. Then tap on the share button which is located on the right side, then tap on the duet button which will be available on the bottom of the screen.

Next you will get a split screen with the original video on the right and the camera view located on the left. Next you need to tap on the record button for starting the recording of the duet video. You can edit your duet video as per your requirements and then finally publish it when you are finished.