Tiktok Now - A New Tool To Help Users Create And Connect

News 05 Oct 2022

In a move to ensure that creators are getting their fair share of credit on TikTok, TikTok has unveiled several new tools to help users correctly credit content back to the people who created it. To that end, TikTok says that TikTok is now rolling out a new feature that allows users to add credit during the posting process within the app. After years of stolen memes and trending dance videos without credit, TikTok is introducing a new feature today, which it says will be the first iteration of its Creator Credits Tool, which allows creators to tag and credit others directly using a new button within the posting process. TikToks creator marketplace also shows TikTok trends related to your niche, such as hashtags, most engaged TikToks, and creators.

TikTok Now Features

So, you can see trending TikTok videos and learn how to make one for your own profile. With TikFame, your videos can be found by a large number of TikTok users, ultimately leading to your profile becoming popular. In TikTok Creator Marketplace, you can work with content creators to promote your brand according to your budget, industry, and business goals. TikTok is committed to helping brands find greater success on TikTok by bringing content management, scheduling, and publishing capabilities into tools they are already using.

Integrating with Brandwatch gives companies a simple way to integrate TikTok marketing into their workflow. Expect TikToks sales leads tool to change how users consume and engage with brands on TikTok. Now could be a great time to take advantage of this opportunity, as the popular social media platform recently launched a new sales lead generation tool, which makes finding new leads on TikTok easier than ever.

The campaign, which also features branded, personalized effects, music, and content from the creators, will spotlight products from over 40 Shopify merchants, giving TikTok users one asset they can use to support black-owned businesses.

Shopify and TikTok will also be working together over the next few months to pilot new commerce features, further expanding the opportunities for merchants to extend their paid and organic reach on videos and profiles.

TikTok says users will also be able to utilize all of their management options from the marketing side to help with managing comments on videos. Not only will this help TikTok create a more curated user space, it will help users as well. Again, this brings TikTok more in line with other apps who are already offering similar options for controlling advertising data, which can help to make sure that TikTok users are shown more relevant ads, as well as giving users more power to control how they are targeted by those ads on TikTok. In addition to this new about this advertising item, TikTok has also launched a revamped Ad Data Usage Overview, which helps users to see how they may be targeted with advertising content, and users can now choose if ads that are shown are based on an assessment of their interests and/or gender.