TikTok Shop will come to the US later this year

News 04 Oct 2022

Based on the feature’s success in TikToks Chinese sister app, Douyin, it was reported that TikTok plans were in place for the U.S. rollout of TikTok Shop, which is live shopping. TikTok Shop was an overnight success when launched on China’s TikTok sister app, Douyin, where sales have grown by over three times year-over-year, selling over 10 billion products. TikToks parent company, ByteDance, has enjoyed a fast-growing Shopping feature on TikToks Chinese partner app, Douyin, which has reportedly sold an astounding 10 billion products. According to the report by Financial Times, TikTok is looking to work with TalkShopLive to bring live shopping features to North America.

TikTok is reportedly starting up a live shopping service in North America, teaming up with LA-based TalkShopLive, a platform for live-streaming buying and selling. According to The Financial Times, TikTok is partnering new with talkshoplive, a live-shopping platform, to allow users to purchase products straight from live streams. October 1 (Reuters) - TikTok is set to launch its live-shopping platform in North America, outsourcing operations, according to two sources with knowledge of the operations, according to the Financial Times. TikTok has reportedly scrapped plans to expand its TikTok Shop live e-commerce initiative in the U.S. and to more parts of Europe, according to The Financial Times.

While TikTok has been a hit in Asia, it has dropped plans to take the e-commerce offering to the U.S. following its failed UK launch. Despite its proven popularity in Asia, TikToks proprietary (open in new tab) eCommerce platform is unlikely to come to the US after a few teething problems in the UK. TikTok is facing a significant reassessment of its corporate expansion plans and has been forced to scale back its Live e-commerce initiatives in Europe and the United States because of operational difficulties and a lack of consumer interest. According to The Financial Times (open in new tab), the social media company has now abandoned plans to expand its QVC-style shopping experience in multiple European countries and the United States, citing failure to generate traction and concerns from the firm’s employees.

TikTok has abandoned plans to expand its e-commerce initiative Live to Europe and US, three people said, after the TikTok attempt at QVC-style shopping in the UK was plagued with internal problems and struggled to get consumer traction [...] But plans to expand were abandoned after the British project failed to hit targets and influencers dropped out of the program.

The plans for an expanded program failed to hit targets in Britain but subsequently abandoned it. With social commerce becoming the next big thing in the creator space on social media, you might be shocked to hear TikTok is dropping plans to expand its QVC-style live e-commerce offering in Europe and the United States. The Financial Times has published a piece detailing issues plaguing TikTok Shop platform in the UK. After dealing with culture clashes and low sales, TikTok owner, Bytedance, has reportedly decided to stop the expansion of its Shop function into Western territories.