How to advertise on TikTok?

Tutorials 13 Dec 2021

The advertising on TikTok is growing rapidly with an increasing number of brands and companies choosing the app for the promotional and marketing content related to their brands. The TikTok advertising provides unique format as well as target options and when you use it correctly it can get you access to the most lucrative user groups that is Gen Z. Here it is worth noting that advertising on TikTok is not suitable for all brands or companies.

TikTok can be a good advertising platform for bigger brands such as Nike, Grubhub, or Disney but it may not be necessarily ideal for small scale businesses. Whatever your business is, it makes sense to look at the different advertising options and then choose one that suits your marketing requirements the best.

The process for advertising on TikTok

If you want to advertise on TikTok then there are several custom techniques and options available for the brands or businesses. Some of the different ways in which the brands can advertise on TikTok includes brand takeover, hashtag challenge, branded lenses, and influencer packages. You can study the impact of different advertising modes and go with the most effective for your marketing campaign.

If you want to start advertising on TikTok you need to follow these steps. First you need to go to the homepage for TikTok ads and then click on the "Get Started" button. Once you click on that, a form will be displayed asking for relevant information for setting up the account. Once you submit that form, a representative from the company will get in touch with you to understand your business qualifications.

Next you need to create the Ad campaign. When you are at the dashboard for TikTok Ads, you need to go to the campaign tab and next click on the "Create" button. TikTok provides advertising at three levels: Ads, Campaign, and Ad groups. The campaign is the comprehensive marketing activities whereas Ads are essentially just functions within the campaign. You must choose the goal or objectives of the Ad. The TikTok provides three main objectives for Ads: Conversions, application installations, and traffic. You need to select the budget for your entire campaign.

After this you need to finish setting up an Ad group within your campaign. This is where the targeting and placements are decided. Within your campaign you can choose to have different types of Ad groups that are intended for varying audiences. The next step involves setting up the campaign details including budget and scheduling. You can choose between your expenditure per day or total cost for the entire campaign.  

Now you need to select the optimization goal of the Ad group. The final step involves designing the Ad. TikTok provides a tool for advertisers known as "Video creation kit" that embeds the images and video templates which can be customized with your own content. The tool also provides you in excess of 300 background music options that are available for free. Besides this you also get several other features and functionalities for creating an ideal Ad.