How to get FYP on TikTok?

Tutorials 24 Jan 2022

If you are a regular user on the TikTok app then you would be aware of the FYP, also known as For You Page. The FYP is a tab on the app where you can find a collection of usually viral videos that the algorithm of the app thinks would be suitable for the users based on their activities on the app.

Like the explore page on Instagram, the FYP page on TikTok is a continuous feed of highly curated content which the algorithm thinks will be interesting to you. Some of the factors that the algorithm considers when suggesting videos for you on the FYP page includes your past activities such as videos that you have interacted with, the hashtags and accounts you follow, your language preference and your location plus the type of videos that you create.

Getting featured on the FYP on TikTok

If you are a content creator on TikTok and want your videos to get featured on the FYP then here are some of the common strategies and techniques that you must be using.

Posting at peak times: One of the key things that you must realize when you are a content creator on TikTok is identifying the peak times when there are maximum active users on the platform. Once you identify it then you can post your content during that time. This will help you with maximum engagement and that might help get your content on FYP page.

Using efficient TikTok hashtags: The usage of proper and trending hashtags is one of the most proven ways increasing your reach and exposure on TikTok. You can browse the FYP page for clues on the popular hashtags and trends so that you can tailor content or captions based on that.

Choosing popular trends: The trends on TikTok come and go away quickly. Due to the viral nature of these trends, the content creators that use those ideas or concepts in their videos tend to become popular on the platform. As a content creator you can check out the latest trends that are used in the videos and then you can post your own content for that trend by adding your own unique touch. This will greatly increase your chances of going viral and featuring on the FYP page.

Creativity in the specific niche: TikTok is usually filled with viral dance and lip-syncing videos. However there is a wide range of content on the niche subjects and people tend to follow creators who come up with creative and original content on the specific genres. This is why you must come up with creative and entertaining ideas that are likely to capture the attention of your potential in the specific niche.

Collaborating with other TikTokers: The collaboration with other content creators on TikTok is an effective way of cross-promoting your account and reaching new audiences. If you choose to collaborate with content creator that regularly appears on FYP page then it can help you become viral and that increases your chances of getting your content featured on the FYP page.