How to get paid from TikTok - Best way in 2021

Tutorials 10 Dec 2021

TikTok has gradually grown to become one of the most widely used video sharing social media apps on the internet. The popularity of the app sky-rocketed in recent times and especially exploded during the lockdown period in 2020. Today the app has hit the milestone of 1 billion active users that are active on the platform which is a major check for the social media app. There is a wide range of fascinating content in the form of entertaining videos, trending concepts, duet presentations and also informational stuff that is uploaded on the platform.

The FYP page for TikTok is one of the major parts of the TikTok experience. It's a tab where the curated videos are provided to users by the algorithm based on a number of different factors including the user's past activities. It is similar to the explore page on Instagram however the difference is you find the FYP page on the home screen whereas the explore option on Instagram is on the secondary tab. If you are a content creator then you would want your content to be featured on user's FYP pages so that it gets more interaction and becomes viral.

Making money from TikTok content

If you are a content creator on the TikTok platform and are wondering what are the different ways of getting paid through TikTok then this might be of interest to you. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which you can earn money.

Creator fund: Last year TikTok launched something called creators fund which enables the content creators on the app to make money. According to the company, the purpose of  the fund is to provide support to ambitious creators that are seeking opportunities for fostering their livelihood through innovative content. So this basically means TikTok gives money to content creators for the videos that they upload on the platform. The top influencers on the app reported that they received anywhere between 2-4 cents for every 1000 views that were generated on their videos.

To be eligible for participation in the creator fund you must have some form of traction with the audience. So for instance you must have a minimum of 10,000 followers and approximately 100,000 views on videos in the previous 30 days to become eligible. Additionally you must be 18+ of age and should be from either UK, US, Italy, Germany, Spain, or France.

Influencer marketing: Once you have developed a loyal following then the brands might be interested in your work. Ideally brands prefer creators that can influence their followers. So if you are not a part of the creator marketplace on TikTok then you can directly connect with the brands for product reviews, sponsored posts, product mentions, account takeovers, and other related promotional activities.

Creator marketplace: The creator marketplace is a TikTok platform that introduces the brands to different creators for sponsorship opportunities and paid campaigns. The brands can browse the creators based on topic, age, country and then reach out to them directly for the paid partnerships.