How to make live wallpaper using TikTok videos?

Tutorials 30 Nov 2021

TikTok is an incredibly popular short video sharing platform that has grown meteorically in recent times. The platform offers content creators from around the world a chance to upload entertaining videos and develop connections with their followers. The sheer scale of TikTok's popularity can be gauged from the fact that the company generated approximately $1.9 billion in revenues in 2020 with significant percentages on a year to year basis. TikTok hit the 1 billion active users mark in September 2021 and it continues to grow at an incredible pace.

While you are browsing the different videos on TikTok you might come across something interesting or beautiful that you want to keep as a live wallpaper on the phone. The good news is you can make a live wallpaper from the videos that are uploaded on TikTok. First we will check out the steps for making live wallpaper from TikTok videos on iOS.

Making live wallpaper from TikTok videos on iOS

Here is how you can make a live wallpaper from TikTok videos if you have an iPhone. First obviously you need to go to the TikTok app then go to the specific video. Next, you must tap on the share icon then click on "Live photo" on the 2nd row. The video will then be converted into a live photo that can be found in the "Photos" app.

If you want to set this as live wallpaper then go to the specific live photo in the photos app, tap on the share icon, and then choose "Use as wallpaper". As an alternate way you choose "Wallpaper" in the settings and then tap on the "Choose new wallpaper".  Next the available list. Now you will be on a set wallpaper screen where you are able to zoom as well as move the picture around as you wish. Here it is worth noting that the live wallpaper option for home screens is not available on iOS and they are only compatible with the lock screen. However if you have the 3D touch on your iPhone device then the live wallpaper will work on the home screen. The 3D touch is not enabled on all the iPhone devices.

Making live wallpaper from TikTok videos on Android

If you have an Android phone then you will need to install the "TikTok Wall Picture" made by and it is available on the Play Store. Once you have installed the app you can go on TikTok and go to the specific video. Now tap on the share icon then choose "Live photo" listed in the 2nd row. This will download the video and then you will find the "Set wallpaper" option at the top. Once you tap on the "Set wallpaper" option you can choose from "Home screen and lock screen" or just the "Homescreen". This will be set as the default option, so the next time you choose "Live photo" from the TikTok video it is used as live wallpaper.