How to make viral TikTok videos as a complete beginner?

Tutorials 06 Dec 2021

TikTok is one of the most widely used and popular apps of modern times. The popularity of the video sharing platform has gone through the roof in recent times and it continues to grow at an incredible pace even today. There are tons of content creators - both big and small - that use the viral reach of the platform for creating different types of entertaining videos as well as content for the global audience. The TikTok has immense potential for beginners and it can catapult them into a star overnight. 

Making viral videos on the TikTok app

If you want to get started on TikTok then you need to learn some of the common techniques that are known to be effective. Here we will enlist some of these methods.

Interesting pitch: TikTok is a fast-paced platform and the attention span of people consuming the content is usually low. This is why it's important to make an impact in the first few seconds of the video and capture the attention of the potential audience before they swipe across the video to watch other videos. You must set the tone and video topic within a few moments so that the audience can understand what the video is about quickly.

It is also important to keep the length of your TikTok videos short. The videos that have shorter length tend to do well against those that have longer duration. If you want you can make a series of short videos so that the people are hooked to your videos and don't lose interest easily. 

Using the latest trends and voice-overs: The audio or music that you use can help in making your videos go viral or be discovered by a potentially large audience. You can browse the FYP to help you identify the stuff that is trending. You can check out the music or audio clips that are used by popular creators and then embed it in your videos. 

You can also use the audio by implementing a voiceover feature that helps in the narration of your story. It gives a personal unique touch to your videos and it can help get your recorded audio go viral. If it goes viral then other creators might use your audio and every time your audio is used, your original video gets credited at the beginning which translates to more views and traction for you. 

Using effective CTA: The CTA, also known as call to action, is an important part of TikTok experience and can help you in getting more exposure. When you use strong CTA by asking the audience to share the videos or hit the "+" button for following you it increases the chances of you becoming viral on the platform. 

Beyond this you can also collaborate with other creators and leverage their audience plus use the right trending keywords in your videos. You must also be interactive with your audience as this helps in building relationships which is always beneficial when you are trying to build a sustainable profile on the platform.