Standard Size For Tiktok Videos: Everything You Need To Know

Tutorials 06 Oct 2022

In this article, we are sharing the optimal sizes and formats that you should be using while creating your TikTok videos. This article helps you to put into perspective (as it pertains to your brand) the new limit on video length and serves as a short guide on the TikTok Video Lengths & Formats. In this post, we are going to break down everything related to TikTok sizes, including TikTok video file sizes, max video length, dimensions/resolution, aspect ratio, and file types.

With that tutorial covered, now let us share how you can scale any video for TikTok. In the next part of this article, we will share methods for changing video resolution and dimensions before uploading to TikTok.

You can change the dimensions of the videos easily on TikTok, without having to record them again. Unfortunately, TikTok does not let you change the video size within the app itself.

If you upload or capture a video that is higher than 1080p, TikTok will scale it back down to 1080p. There is no limit on your video’s resolution, though we suggest you cap it at 1280x720 pixels.

Mostly, vertical videos are preferred in TikTok, however, you can also upload horizontal videos as long as your video dimensions must be 1080x2020, and videos should take advantage of the whole canvas. With regards to the size of videos on TikTok, it is essential that you know the average dimensions to make sure that your videos will look the best.

If you are going to become a TikTok content creator, then you probably need to be aware of the max file size cap for videos TikTok will let you upload. Interestingly, the maximum file size of TikTok videos differs depending on if you are using an Android device or an iOS device.

If your video does not conform to that format and size, there are tools and apps available online that can scale and adjust your video into a better TikTok format. Following the recommended dimensions and aspect ratio will ensure that each TikTok video will display on all devices. The standard dimensions of TikTok videos are 1080x1920, and these are the same dimensions used in ads.

Classic TikTok video dimensions and resolution are 1080 by 1920 pixels, the standard portrait-oriented dimensions for most smartphones. Videos shot inside TikTok default to 1080 by 1920 pixels, but you can resize them in those dimensions using either the TikToks Smart Optimizer tool or online video editors. With the support sizes for TikTok videos clearly laid out, now you can use VideoProc Converter to edit your videos accordingly.

To simplify things, we answered all of your questions in this tutorial, such which are the best video formats for TikTok, how to convert videos into vertical formats and adjust them for free online, as well as ideal story sizes for competition. That is, what the best size should be for their videos, to be able to view very clearly for their users, and load very fast, means that also, the size should be known, and the amount of the size that we need to upload to the video TikTok, and along with it, we also need to know, the maximum or the minimum number of theMB videos we need to upload to TikTok.